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Kim Neunert

Bitcoin Devops

Bitcoin DevOps

Bringing DevOps to the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Do you struggle to get your product out of the door, have software-quality-issues or need help with raising uptime, scaling out or build up your 24/7 support? Do you want to improve your software-delivery process or you don’t even know where to start?

Here is what our approach is and what might help you as well.


One step at a time will guide us to the moon. Adjusting direction in regular intervals is key to effectively navigate. Having happy customers is the ultimate goal. Check out the Agile Manifesto.


Culture, Automation, Measuring and sharing are the values which foster effective workresults. Continuos-Delivery ensures that your efforts are not stuck somewehere in the value-chain and that you continuously improve your procedures. Watch this 7 min Video to learn more about devops.

. Also quite interesting is the Contimuous Delivery Article on Wikipedia.


Ensuring that quality gets delivered even when organisational handoffs are involved is key in huge organisations. Monitoring Service Level Indicators and using them to make business decisions is what SRE is mainly about. Read the most important chapter of the SRE Workbook by Google.

Kim Neunert

Kim Neunert

Lives in Munich, Germany
Agile Practitioner
DevOps Engineer
Bitcoin Believer
PGP-fingerprint: ECC0B4ABD74E716F5ADE095228B358A8843B0109
I've worked 10 years for a huge Software-Vendor supporting the organisation in their software creation process. As such i've worked in many roles including Developer, Support Engineer, Product Owner, Manager, Tech Lead and Architect. Now i want to bring my expertise to interesting Bitcoin-Project!

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